Consulting services of ALMACOR the export/import business between EC-Countries and CIS, especially Ukraine

Drawing up a custom-tailored strategy and giving extensive assistance in initiating transactions and tapping new markets.

Export consulting

> gathering foreign trade information
> building a sales organization
> export marketing
> applications for export licenses
> preparing contracts
> financing and obtaining government grants
> transport problems

Import consulting

> gathering information on exporting countries/exporters/goods
> solving legal aspects of export/import deals
> consulting on transport/logistic aspects
> preparation of contracts

Establishing joint ventures

> identifying market conditions for your product/service
> consulting on basic legal/tax conditions for setting up joint ventures
> finding partners in Ukraine and other CIS-countries
> preparing contracts
> financing/assistance in obtaining public funds
> tax treatment/licensing/subcontracting
> buying capital goods/supplies in the country to make the product
> advising joint ventures on selling goods/services in the domestic market